Dr. Landon Mascareñaz

Landon is currently a Senior Partner for Advocacy & Alliances at A+ Colorado.  His role is focused on supporting and building the capacity of systems in Colorado to work with community and families and building the agency of families and communities to push these systems.  In this, he also works with Achieve and the Coalition Support Network, ensuring that strategic coalitions across the country are focused on families and communities.  

He spent the past three years working in the Office of Family & Community Engagement at Denver Public Schools.  During that time, he led the Family Empowerment team: a diverse group of central office staff dedicated to building partnerships at all levels of the system.  While at DPS, he worked on efforts to open the system broadly: nearly 12,000 visits between teacher and families, multiple schools engaging in community driven school design, all DPS schools hosting performance conversations with families and other projects.  



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