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We imagine an open future.

The Open System website was initially created in 2017 to bring together ideas, thoughts and concepts around the movement in this country to build open structures that bring communities into our education system.

The Open System Institute was formalized in 2019 to create a permanent place to build new ideas, new narratives and new possibilities.

We believe that the great debate in education is no longer left vs. right or reform vs. status quo - it is between those who want to close the system and those who are willing to open it up.

For too long, closed systems represent too much of education. Closed systems lock in the systemic oppressions of their time, encasing them in the amber of bureaucracy. Institutional distrust is a hallmark of our time not just because systems are old - but because they have become unresponsive to the communities they serve.

Open practices bring families, communities and educators together for co-creation and co-production in our public education system. They crack open the closed casing of the bureaucracy and let in the fresh light of new thinking and community ownership. This sometime can be radical restructuring of the system or could also be simple shifts in practice.

Too many of the current organizations in our education discourse are monomaniacally focused on what was and on the battles of the past. While we must never stop learning from the past, we cannot stop building and creating a different future.

The Open System Institute is committed to advancing bold, revolutionary ideas to create that open future.

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