September Podcast: Brian Eschbacher

Welcome to September!


In our current education discourse, there is major debate and challenges around the ideas of “choice” and “access.” I’m very interested in the intersection between school systems that embark on choice and access initiatives and the relationship they have to creating an open system.

I invited my former colleague at Denver Public Schools, Brian Eschbacher, to join the September podcast for a conversation on these ideas:

  • What is a public space in education? What obligation do we have to meet unique needs?

  • How does the market analogy apply in education? How does it not?

  • How does planning and choice walk hand in hand in an open system?

  • We discuss how a choice and access system create opportunities for Exit, Voice and Loyalty - actions families can take to have power and agency in an open system.

  • What is the work of family engagement and open systems in creating real choices?

  • How does choice challenge old notions of community and create the potential for new forms of community? 

  • What is the future of choice systems?

What would happen if the choice system in Denver or somewhere else disappeared tomorrow?

I hope you enjoy! I’ll be up with a supplementary podcast on my recent trip to the Economist Open Futures event in NYC recently.