September Podcast: Brian Eschbacher

In our current education discourse, there is major debate and challenges around the ideas of “choice” and “access.” I’m very interested in the intersection between school systems that embark on choice and access initiatives and the relationship they have to creating an open system.

I invited my former colleague at Denver Public Schools, Brian Eschbacher, to join the September podcast for a conversation on these ideas:

  • What is a public space in education? What obligation do we have to meet unique needs?

  • How does the market analogy apply in education? How does it not?

  • How does planning and choice walk hand in hand in an open system?

  • We discuss how a choice and access system create opportunities for Exit, Voice and Loyalty - actions families can take to have power and agency in an open system.

  • What is the work of family engagement and open systems in creating real choices?

  • How does choice challenge old notions of community and create the potential for new forms of community? 

  • What is the future of choice systems?

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August Podcast: Wisdom Amouzou

Hey everyone. I hope you had an amazing summer and are getting ready for a great school year.  

While I recorded this podcast before the end of the school year, life events conspired to get in the way. But that's how things work and I'm super excited for it to come out now in August. 

Wisdom is a great leader in the space. Since our podcast was recorded, his school was approved.  He is an incredible speaker and thinker in working with families and bringing new people into new visions for education.

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April Podcast: 1647 with Glennys Sanchez and Ann Walsh

Happy April! 

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I'm excited for our April Open System podcast starring two great leaders from Massachusetts: Glennys Sanchez and Ann Walsh. 

1647 is a leading family engagement organization in MA, focused on ensuring that schools have the tools and resources they need to be working with parents and families.  In the podcast, we hear from Glennys and Anne about how the organization got it's name, the origins of why this work matters to them and how they are pivoting to ensure greater buy-in from schools.  

This podcast is a must listen if you're interested in the efforts of leaders who are thinking about identity and organizational impact as they pursue open systems.  


March Podcast - Reilly Pharo Carter with Climb Higher Colorado

I'm really excited about our March podcast. This month we get to talk to someone who I really love working with in the open system space - Reilly Pharo Carter

Reilly is the Executive Director of Climb Higher Colorado, an organization formed for the purpose of advancing high expectations through standards and assessments. The organization was formed with a different type of charge: to build a grasstops and grassroots coalition in support of the work.  Sadly, too few organizations take on that essential work.  

What's exciting about Reilly & Climb Higher is that the work has transformed into building and sustaining strong and vibrant open systems amongst the coalition members and with school districts around the state.  

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February Podcast - Dr. Ivan Duran

Welcome to the second Open System podcast! Thanks everyone for your great feedback and comments on the first podcast.  

For the second podcast, I had the chance to sit down with a longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Ivan Duran.  Dr. Duran is the Superintendent of Bellevue Public Schools in Washington state. 

I've know Dr. Duran from our time together in Denver Public Schools, where I knew him as a champion of family engagement as a major priority while he was in charge of all elementary schools in the district.  

In the podcast, we discuss why he got involved in education, why he cares about family engagement, the outcomes of best practice open system work and how he thinks about ensuring the entire system prioritizes the work.  

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January Podcast - Natalie Lewis

Welcome to our first Open System podcast!

Each month we will be interviewing and highlighting someone special, interesting and captivating in the Open System space.  

For our first podcast, we are very fortunate to have Natalie Lewis, Kansas City School Board Member and fellow Flamboyan National Family Engagement fellow.  Check out her bio here.  During the discussion, we dive into what drives her, why she joined the school board, her thoughts on family engagement and why she cares about the work.  

Please send any feedback or thoughts my way.  It's my first experience podcasting and sharing out.  I'm hoping each time I'll get better at questions/interviews and also at the technical components. So thank you for going on the journey!

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